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Sep 5, 2010 8:00am PDT
? is the party's hold on both the house and senate in jeopardy? with us, charlie cook, editor of "the cook political report," erin burnett, anchor of msnbc's "street signs" and e.j. dionne from "the washington post" and rich lowry, editor of "national review." captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning. president obama will spend next week talking up his proposals to improve the economy and lower the 9.6 jobless rate. "the new york times" reporting this morning that on wednesday in cleveland he will ask congress to extend a corporate tax credit for research and development. with the election season officially under way this labor day, the president must convince voters that democrats will offer the best prescription for turning the economy around and creating jobs. with us now from his home state of south carolina, republican senator lindsey graham. senator, welcome back to "meet the press." >> thank you. good morning. >> i want to start on the economy. the president reacting to the latest jobs numbers in the rose garden on friday offered this assessment of where things
Sep 18, 2010 5:00am PDT
. the weather channel's jim cantore is there for us. jim, good morning. >> lester, good morning. yeah, the national weather service here, the bermuda weather service, says it's called to prepare for a direct hit. the center expected to come within 10 miles of bermuda. and with 100 mile wide hurricani force winds, a direct hit is unavailable in through here. you can already see the wave action behind me crashing into the rock cliffs through here. but they're preparing residents. that's the key, to take a major hit. something they haven't seen since fabian here. they're saying we're going to have roof damage, it's going to be widespread. we're going to have tree and power line damage. the royal navy is on standby. the big question is when are they going to be able to get in here? is it going to be monday afternoon? because it looks like conditions are going to be bad for 20, 30, 40 hours where no one will be able to leave their homes and no one will be out on the road. cruise ships plan to park here? no way. they're not even coming in. this certainly looks like it's going to be a very,
Sep 3, 2010 12:35am PDT
million after marketing the drug for unapproved uses. in a statement, botox said, "even if it's hard to tell from our expression, we are extremely disappointed by this decision." [ laughter and applause ] this is an important story. at the white house yesterday, president obama told israelis and palestinians to reach a peace deal, because they might not get another chance soon. [ light laughter ] that's not really a peace plan. that's how you get a 5-year-old to use the bathroom. [ laughter ] it's like, "are you sure? we're not going to come back here. you sure? all right. are you sure?" [ laughter ] check this out, an airline in sweden plans to host the first ever in-flight gay wedding in december. yep. the entire flight crew is excited for the event, although the right wing isn't happy about it. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] [ rim shot ] this is exciting. the united states beat iran, 88-51 yesterday in the knockout round of the world basketball championship. yep, apparently that's very good. [ applause ] apparently iran is still years away from developing a long-range three-
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3